The idea for 1,000 Words Bracelets™ came about in early 2018 when my teenage sisters were at my house and we were sitting and talking around the island in the kitchen. I noticed that they had many bracelets on, as that is the trend these days, and that some of them were personalized. However, some of the personalized bracelets were wearing down quickly and none of them included a photo.

That is when it clicked that we could make durable photo bracelets using our existing processes for making outdoor headstone pictures. So here at MemorialPics LLC we are creating the pictures while my 2 sisters hand-knot the bracelets while attending high school. 

We are very excited for this new product and hope that you like your 1,000 Words Bracelets™!

- Willie Nichols

1000WordsBracelets.com is a part of MemorialPics LLC, a family owned company that ships products all over the world. At MemorialPics we began by specializing in manufacturing high-quality porcelain pictures that will not fade or discolor in direct sunlight or extreme weather conditions.

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